Artist Biography

Australian artist Kiya Kalem is renowned for her unique and beautiful paintings of native botanical flowers in oil. These works of art capture the beauty of the Australian flora in vibrant and lifelike detail. The use of oil paints allows the artist to create a range of textures and colors that can bring the flowers to life on the canvas. These paintings are highly sought after by art collectors and enthusiasts alike, as they provide a unique glimpse into the beauty of the Australian landscape.  As the viewer, we are invited to engage on a number of levels. On one level they are beautiful representations of our native plants. On another level they speak of the paradox of the fragility and resilience of life, something profoundly important in this time of climate crisis. Kiya’s other artistic muse is the raw power and beauty of the ocean. From seascapes to delicately detailed wave studies, these scenes evoke the timeless ebb and flow of the vast seas with their ever changing moods.

After three years studying Fine Art at University Kiya deferred her degree to enter the workforce managing a busy art supply store. There she learnt an abundance of product knowledge, which paired well with the theory and practical skills learnt from her studies. Kiya passes on this knowledge through workshops and events she helps organise. In the past few years she has returned to focusing on her art full time in her studio and is building her dream art retreat in the country. She has exhibited her work across the state and has since built her career and ran two of her own galleries.




Exhibitions and Artistic Achievements

2020-2022 - Curator, owner and Feature Artist of High Street Gallery Fremantle and Kalem Sherar Gallery Claremont West Australia.

2022 - Joint Exhibition 'Breathe' with Ben Sherar Mandurah Performing Art Center

2020 - Botanic Fanatic solo Exhibition - Discovery Forest Center January 13th- Feb

2020 -  Wall artist in the David Giles Gallery

2019-2023 – Displaying work at “The Artisan Store” in Fremantle High Street.2019 – Displayed work at “Bitches Brew art space” in Fremantle High Street.

2019 – Instructor of the Watercolour workshops held at East Fremantle Yacht Club (EFYC).

2019 – Market stall at the Fremantle street arts Festival 4th-6th of April.

2019 - Displaying work at South Beach Cafe in Fremantle

2019 - Churchlands Community Art Exhibition 24th of May.

2019 - Inland Art Prize 31stof May.

2019 - Lawley Art Auction 15th of June.

2019 - Gosnells Community Art Award 14th of June.

2019 - Liquid Silver Linings – Joint exhibition June 13th - July 4th.

2019- Ground to Sky - Joint exhibition at the National Gallery in Fremantle September 13th - November 14th

2019 - Window display in Garden City October 2nd - November 4th

2019 - Display of Botanical series at Oontong and Lincoln Fremantle November 7th -December 18th

2019 - Display in the window of the David Giles Gallery in Fremantle - All of November

2019- Display in the window of the Artisan Store in Fremantle - December - ongoing

2017 – 2018 – Full Time Manager at Jacksons Drawing Supplies Northbridge. This role included running regular workshops in Water colour, Mixed Media, Acrylic Pouring and Riso Printing.

Education and Small Achievement

Fine Arts Captain in Year 7

2011 – Youth sculpture award at Mandurah Performing Arts Center.

Head Girl during Year 12

2015 – 2017 – Bachelor of Fine Art ECU / UWA

Achieved High Distinction during my studies in 2015 & 2016

Exhibitions and Artistic Achievements

2015 – Repeat Chalkboard design service
“Leaky Tap” Mosman Park
“Blacksmith’s Restaurant” Beaufort Street.

2015 – Ongoing art display & sales at “Dog Beach Cafe” in Golden Bay.

2016 – Life Drawing Exhibition of my figurative studies.

2016 – Radio Interview 107.3 Heritage FM “Calling all Artists” discussing Education and Community Involvement in the Arts.

2017 - “Body and Art” Contemporary Art Exhibition.

2017 - Graphic Design Consultant, Bikini Inc. Swim wear.

2019 – Fairy Face Painting pop-up in Fremantle, Cottesloe and Melville.