Ground to Sky Exhibition

, Ground to Sky Exhibition, KIYA KALEM

Here I am staring at my piece ‘Bristly Bottle Brush’ after finishing a big install day. The paintings fill the newly opened staircase gallery at the National Hotel nicely and the setting compliments the paintings well. I am excited to showcase this new body of work next to two other talented artist Ben Sherar and Peter Barker.

This joint exhibition takes us on an exploration of our vast Australian land from the ground, through the mist up to the wide open skies. We invite you to come and take in the new bodies of work they have put together.This dynamic exhibition is on show until the 5th of November at The National Hotel Fremantle.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, there’s still time to catch these three bodies of work and grab yourself a drink on the roof top bar – the view is exquisite!